Friday, April 13, 2007

Dick Tracy's House Centralia Washington

On our way home from Oregon we stopped in Centralia for Dinner. On our way to the Old Downtown area we saw this amazing collage house. It was full of recycled art. I had to get some pictures. We stopped and I walked up and the owner came out. I should have gotten his picture. He has been working on this house for 28 years. When we had dinner a few blocks from his house I asked the waitress if she knew about the owner. His name really is Dick Tracy. His wife is a local teacher. His house is a must see if you are ever pass through Centrailia Washington.

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megan said...

oooooh...thank you a thousand times for posting this. i can't wait to drive down to see this. if you're into this kind of thing, there's a house in Ellensburg that's been similarly loved & crafted & adorned.