Saturday, May 10, 2008

Teatro ZinZanni - "A Suitcase Named Desire"

Just returned from a fantabulous 40th Birthday celebration for my friend Nancy. We went to a Teatro ZinZanni dinner theater extravaganzia. We ate a 5 course meal and enjoyed top of the line live entertainment. Highlights included; Opera singing, juggling, trapeze acrobatics, magic, and just pure fun! Nancy is a dear friend of mine. She has always organized parties for everyone she knows. It was her turn to enjoy a night planned for her!! Afterwards we went to a bar on lower Queen Anne and ran into Danny Devito. It turns out that his daughter is acting in a play in Seattle. Of course we don't have a picture to prove it but we all know it's true!! : )


grrl+dog said...

This looks like you are having a ball! All that is missing is the banana!

Stephanie said...

Ohhhh...I KNOW you had a great time!
Our neighbor missed his 40th birthday due to his wife's passing...but made up for it (18 months later) with a huge party this last March at Teatro ZinZanni! He rented a party limo to haul about 40 of us from San Jose to the city, all dressed in ZinZanni style. I had one of their Lemoncello drinks, got my face painted...and had the BEST time ever!!
(wasn't the food amazing??)

HappyDayArt! said...

Oh that was fun! Great photos Julie. I miss you!