Friday, February 27, 2009

Art with Heart

Stephanie Lorig is an old friend who has taken art to a new level. She is using her passion for art to help children in many ways. She has started a non-profit called Art with Heart. Through this program she has developed workbooks for troubled and sick kids. These books help children to work through some tough problems in their lives. She deserves my kudos for the day!! Yeah Stephanie!!! Please visit her site at:


Lady P said...

Hello to you from Lady P in Renton - we are having a yarn bombing event this Sat at 10 am at Jet City Espresso, right at the corner of 2nd and Main St on a tree that has been sanctioned to be "knit up" by the owners. Come along if you'd like!

Carmen said...

What a cool blog you have! I've joined as a follower because I like what I see - please visit my blog and do the same if you like what you see : )
Cheers from Carmen in WA (Australia)