Saturday, July 10, 2010

Urban Craft Uprising - Seattle, July 10th!

Daniel Smith was our last stop before heading home. All in all it was a good day with my new owner. What adventures will we go on next?

We drove by Pioneer Square on our way to my owners favorite art store Daniel Smith.

We stopped in at Uptown Espresso for an iced vanilla latte. Luckily monster didn't like, so I got to drink it all!

We were hungry so we had some Pagliacci Pizza...yum. The monster decided he likie pizza!

The awesome photo of my new monster. Just purchased from the Urban Craft Uprising show My new monster followed me around Seattle today.

These are my new rings. I also have one in pink...aren't they fab. Love them! I will post the link to the artist later. Don't have the card with me.


pinky said...
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KindredSpirit said...

ha ha ha ha i love monster!!!

Betsy Grant said...

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Drea said...

Love the monster! So cute!