Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Day Tomorrow!!

I created this at, go try it yourself! I am feeling very hopeful we will have change, good or will be different than the last 8 years!!! Today was a day of service and I ran into a woman in the grocery store parking lot who had her car windows painted with "Maple Valley Food Bank". She went to this site and started her own volunteer project: She mobilized 45 people who all met today at the food bank and made their donations, then went around collecting and buying more food for the needy. I was so thankful to see her because I so wanted to do something meaningful today. Unfortunately I didn't but I look forward to future days this year where I will do something for someone else! I did donate some money to this woman and hope it goes to good use.


grrl+dog said...

There must be such a buzz in the us..

I read his speech today and had tears in my eyes..

Lady P said...

That is sooo cool - I need to make one immediately!!